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Online Consulting Sessions include a detailed assessment about your surfing fitness, performance goals and injury history. From the consultation I will then develop a rehab plan for you with detailed exercise program for your rehab and to improve your surfing.

Sessions are approximately 1 hour for initial and 20-30 minutes follow ups conducted via Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger.

An online consent form will be sent to your email address to gather more information about you. It has 5 sections which takes about 5 minutes to fill out and for you to electronically sign your consent before we start.



Looking for 1-1 individualised and personalised advice, then Online Consulting could be just what you need!

Do you have an injury that is holding you back from surfing at your best?

Not sure where to start, or what exercises would be the best for your situation?

Are you wanting to learn more about what you could do to improve your surf conditioning, so that you can catch more waves and have more enjoyment in your surf sessions?

Then get in touch to book an Online Consulting session. By registering your interest and purchasing here or send me an email at [email protected], I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

From there we can schedule a time that suits you best to work with me online to achieve your surfing goals.


The benefits of Online Consulting Sessions include:

  • To get a thorough understanding about your surfing level, medical/injury history and surfing goals
  • Can be held at weekends or times that better suit you if you’re too busy at work or family to access a local physiotherapist
  • A physiotherapist that actually understands the physiological demands of surfing at recreational and competitive levels through experience, as not all Doctors, Physiotherapists and other Health Professionals will have enough knowledge about surfing to give you the expert advice that you need
  • Assess your movements, mobility restrictions and areas to improve
  • Learn about beneficial exercises specific to your needs
  • Learn how to progress or regress exercises to improve movement quality and develop a strong foundation
  • Have an exercise program that’s easily to follow and works towards your desired surfing goals
  • Keep track of your progress with follow up sessions and feedback on what has helped you the most and areas to still improve on


Don’t have time for 1-1 consulting but want to start somewhere have a look at the Surf Exercise page for some ideas to get you started


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