The Purpose of Surf Physio is to provide High Quality Education for Surfers.

So you can Move Better, Feel Better and Keep Yourself Healthy in and out of the Water.

The Vision of Surf Physio

I wish to inspire others who are recovering from an injury or illness to get back in the water.

I hope that you in turn pass on what you've learned with family, friends and other surfers.

In the future, I would also love to collaborate with other surfers to connect and share your stories.

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About Surf Physio

My name is Phil Watson

I'm a Physio and Surfer from New Zealand

I created Surf Physio to share my knowledge with the surfing community about how we as surfers can improve our health, recover from injury and surf at our best.

My Story

A few years back I travelled to Fiji for a surf trip. The waves were firing in my second session with double overhead sets at a uncrowded left hander called Lambewa.
After getting a couple of fun ones I went to take off on a wave however I quickly realised I was too deep and wouldn’t make it  so I tried to pull out the back. Suddenly I felt the pull and became weightless  and airborne as I got sucked over the falls.
I remember hitting the reef so hard on my right side that I felt like I had fully contorted over the side of my rail. Upon impact, I felt sharp pain in my ribs and chest and I knew it wasn’t good. 
I came up only to have another wave on the head. After being held down I tried to gather the board and sprint for the channel. However I knew something wasn’t right as I felt immense pain in my ribs with every stroke paddling. 
The next day I flew to Los Angeles, USA. I almost missed the flight however as the Fiji Airways staff had concerns about my health.
By then I had developed a fever and the pain in my ribs made it hard to breath or talk. I nearly fainted at check in but I convinced them to let me on to the plane.
I slept the whole flight and but struggle mightly to get through customs at LAX airport.
After a week in the USA I flew down to travel the coast of Mexico. I arrived in Pascuales, I attempted to surf but the pain significantly limited me as I couldn’t lie on my surfboard due to pressure on my ribs. 
Realising I was in an isolated place I thought my only option was to treat myself. I found a large rock in Rio Nexpa, Mexico the famous left hand point break. I began to extend my back backwards over the rock. As I performed the exercise over and over I began to feel my rib pain reduce to a localised ache in my back. 
I continued to improve over the next weeks I was able to lie on my surfboard pain free and enjoy the amazing tropical waves. Like this wave in Playa Colorado, Nicaragua with fun small sized tubes that day.
The experience gave me inspiration to help others acquire the knowledge they need to know to recover from their own injuries.
I hope also that someday you might also inspire others along the way in their journey to recovery.

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