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The Purpose Of Surf Physio Is To Provide High Quality Education For Surfers

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Free Surf Physio Guide Lower Back Pain For Surfers

Learn 8 Tips To Help You Recover From Back Pain Faster

Neck Exercises

Reduce Neck Pain And Restore Your Mobility

Knee Exercises

Develop Strong Knees To Bring Power To Your Turns

Back Exercises

Improve Your Back Mobility And Free Yourself From Back Pain

Shoulder Exercises

Keep Your Shoulder's Strong and Healthy

Ankle Exercises

Keep You Ankles Strong And Stable


  • Grateful to have this legend in my life to inspire and shift my perspective. I look forward to many more deep chats and profound findings mate @the_surf_physio.
Perspective is where the magic happens. It’s how we view the world. It’s how we view ourselves. It can break us or make us Legends the choice is yours!
#theprobod #dadbod2probod #thesurfphysio
  • Congrats @ellaoliviawilliams on the provisional qualification for #tokyo2020olympics!!! So stoked for you and you were surfing great all event at the #isaworlds representing #teamnz #surfingnz #thesurfphysio 🇳🇿🏄🎌🎉
  • Congrats @billystairmand on the provisional qualification for #tokyo2020olympics , Finals day tomorrow in Miyazaki, check out @isasurfing and tune in to cheer him on! #thesurfphysio
  • Snow on the mountains and solid SW swell on the South Coast of the North Island. 
#surfing #newzealand #surfphysio #surfphotos #aframe #coldwater #coldwatersurf #thesurfphysio
  • Great to see our best Kiwi Surfer @ricardochristie take on the legendary Chopes, today unfortunately losing out to Jordy Smith in his round of 32 heat, but great commitment nonetheless!! 📷@wsl #surfing #charging #ricardochristie #tahitipro #thesurfphysio #surfphotos
  • Wishing @mfanno all the best with his recovery post ACL surgery! 
Hope your knee feels strong and stable again , look forward to seeing the White ⚡ back in the water surfing 📷 Credit: @corey_wilson

#aclrecovery #aclrehab #mickfanning #thesurfphysio
  • Could watch this perfection over and over @benjibrand at Teahupo'o, Tahiti #thesurfphysio
  • NZ Winter has been sending some fun swell on the East and West Coasts of New Zealand #thesurfphysio #surffitness #surfcoaching #surfing
  • Solid East Swell today! 🔥 🏄 #thesurfphysio
  • Congratulations @rissmoore10 winning in pumping J-Bay and so well deserved. All your hard work pays off!! 📷 @kodymcgregor #thesurfphysio
  • @paigehareb of Taranaki, NZ showing great form on her backhand in Jeffrey's Bay South Africa. 
Her speed, power, timing and flow down the line on the steeper sections really allowed her to open her trunk and hips off the top to get more power in her turns. 
Paige will be in a battle of the goofys with her round 3 match up with teenage phenom @caroline_markss 
Look forward to seeing her bringing the high ⚡ to her turns on those J-bay walls

#surfing #paigehareb #powersurfing #surfingnz #thesurfphysio
  • @julian_wilson demonstrating perfect bottom turn technique at pumping J-bay.

With his knees bent, leaning over the front side rail, hand touching the water. He was then able to pull up under a perfect barrel, on one of not the best wave he's had out at J-bay. 
This storage of potential energy in a deep bottom turn creates a slingshot effect up the wave face. It harnesses the speed of the wave before driving back up to the top of the wave face or stalling under in a tube section.

You're having difficulty improving this skill you could focus on improving mobility in your ankles and hips. Strengthing your glutes, hamstrings, calves and quads can improve your hold and drive through the turn. 
If you have sufficient mobility, then practicing on a @smoothstar for land based training can improve your neuromuscular control, muscle memory and visualisation. Try it before your next session in the water to see your bottom turn improve.

#surfing #thesurfphysio #julianwilson #bottomturn #jbay #jeffreysbay

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