Surf Injuries

Learn about how you can recover from surfing injuries to get you back in the water faster

There is nothing more frustrating than time out of the water or not performing your best in a surf session due to a surfing injury! 

Find out more below on specific exercises for each body region that can help you to feel better when you’re surfing.


If you are having difficulty turning your neck due to pain, it's important to restore full pain free range of movement.

Surf Exercises for Shoulder Paddling Strength Shoulder Pain


Shoulder pain, weakness or instability limiting your paddling, pop up and ability to catch waves?

Surf Physio Upper Back, Middle Back and Lower Back is quite an important area to keep healthy!

Middle and Lower Back

Back pain can make it hard to stand upright, bend over or even lie on your board. Learn how you can improve your mobility and reduce your back pain through exercise.

Lower Limb Injuries

Balance for Longboard Surfing


Having a hip injury can make it difficult to get your front foot underneath you during pop-ups, or straddle the board when you're out the back. Learn more about how you can improve tight or stiff hips.

Balance for longboard surfing


Are your knees stiff or feeling unstable? Having knee issues can holding you back from creating drive and power down the line, trimming on a longboard or being able to compress when landing re-entries or aerials.

Surf Physio Ankle and Aerial Surfing


Aerial surfing is awe-inspiring with boosting high above the lip. Landing awkwardly in the flats on your board however can greatly increase your risk of ankle injury. Learn more about making your ankles strong and stable.

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