Surf Rehab Exercises

Gain access to online exercise programs, designed specifically for surfers.

Rehab Exercises are fundamental in order to restore mobility, strength, balance and power for you to surf at your best.


Neck Rehab Exercises

Restore neck mobility and freedom to turn your head without pain

Be able to look over your shoulder when catching waves

Target the lip from your bottom turns

Neck Surf Rehab Exercises for Surfers Neck Pain

Middle Back Rehab Exercises

Important area for mobility with paddling, pop ups and turns

Rotation of the upper body allows for improved power with snaps and cutbacks

Enables arching of the upper torso and neck to see oncoming waves

Breathing and proper rib function

Middle Back Exercises Thoracic Mobility

Lower Back Rehab Exercises

Gain improved mobility of the lower back

Reduce back pain and referral symptoms with directional preference exercises

Keep your back strong and supple which allows you to surf with confidence


Lower Back Surf Rehab Exercise


*Surf Physio Free Guide: Low Back Pain + 8 Tips to Help You Recover

Shoulder Rehab Exercises

Shoulder Surf Rehab Exercises Shoulder Pain Rotator Cuff

Rotator Cuff Rehab

The deep stabiliser muscles of the shoulder joint

Commonly irritated by overload from a heavy surf session

Reduced thoracic or cervical mobility can limit good shoulder movement during paddling

Learn how to manage and prevent surfer's shoulder

Shoulder Dislocation rehab for surf injuries shoulder pain

Shoulder Dislocation Rehab

Focus on stability and control of movement of the shoulder joint

Regain strength and power to pop up

Reduce risk of re-injury (high recurrence in young male athletes)

How to Improve Your Paddling When Surfing

Improve Your Paddling

Develop power by engaging your big paddling muscles (Pecs, Lats, Trapezius, Biceps, Triceps)

Improve your technique of paddling

Catch more waves!

Surf Elbow Wrist Rehab Exercise

Elbow, Forearm and Wrist Exercises

Mobility and strength for paddling, popups and FH tube stalls, BH tube riding

Lower Body

Hip and Knee Rehab Exercises for Surfing

Develop power in cutbacks, carves and snaps

Gain knee stability and reduce risk of injury

Improved speed and flow with rail to rail surfing


Balance for Longboard Surfing

Regain Balance and Mobility for Longboard Surfing

Ankle balance and mobility drills

Lower limb strengthening exercises

Improve your footwork

Ankle Rehab Exercise Aerial Surfing

Ankle and Foot Stability for Aerials

Better absorption of forces

Injury prevention reduce risk of injury

Increased awareness of body in space

Women's Surfing

Women's Grace and Power Surfing Exercise Program

Women's Grace and Power in Surfing

Improve lower body strength for improving your turns

Core workouts designed for surfers

Improve upper body strength for paddling

The level of Women's surfing has risen dramatically with the likes of Carissa Moore, Stephanie Gilmore, Tyler Wright, Courtney Conlogue, Sally Fitzgibbons, Lakey Peterson and Malia Manuel. Rail surfing though FH power carves and their commitment with charging bigger waves and end sections are seeing big scores drop for the women.


Junior Surfing Competitive Groms

Surf Physio Grom Junior Surfer Competition

Upcoming Rising Stars

Prepare your body and mind for competition and the year's events

Improve your performance and style as you develop strength and power in your turns

Reduce injury risk with dynamic warm ups, active recovery and strength and conditioning prior to competition.

Improve your performance both physically and mentally by putting in the hard work in building up to the competitions. There is no losing only winning and learning. Take the opportunity to learn from your losses to become a stronger more versatile competitor.


Learn to Surf Exercise Program

Gain basic strength and advice to improve your paddling, pop up and catch more waves

Improve your balance

Learn how to duck dive to get out the back easier

Injury Prevention

Learn to Surf Exercise Program

Want to get better at surfing? Improve strength, paddle fitness and pop ups in and out of the water to maximise the learning process.

Disclaimer: If in doubt please contact a health care professional in your local area to tailor your assessment and treatment to your individual needs.