Neck Injuries

Difficulty turning your head to one side due to pain?

Surf Physio Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder pain limiting your paddling? If you've had a shoulder injury find out more here

Surf Physio Upper Back, Middle Back and Lower Back is quite an important area to keep healthy!

Back Injuries

Back pain keeping you out of the water? If you've had a back injury find out more here

Balance for Longboard Surfing

Hip Injuries

Hip mobility, strength and stability allows for powerful turns and great balance.

Balance for longboard surfing

Knee Injuries

The knee is important for creating drive down the line, trimming on a longboard, big power turns or landing aerials. If you've had a knee injury find out more here

Surf Physio Ankle and Aerial Surfing

Ankle Injuries

Ankle mobility, stability, strength and all required for boosting and landing airs safely in Surfing If you've had a ankle injury find out more here